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Property and Casualty Insurance

Whether you specialize in commercial lines, workers' compensation, or life and health insurance, Data Dimensions offers a full range of workflow solutions to property and casualty carriers to help you transition to a paperless, more efficient office. Reduce the cost of claims management with full auto, medical and dental bills imaging, indexing, and adjudication services. With the option of the Application Service Provider (ASP) model of secure image storage and retrieval, business-critical documents are easily retrievable remotely 24/7. As a Six Sigma® organization, we provide you with a complete end-to-end solution or a selection of services that allows you to outsource only key areas that you need. Data Dimensions is 100% HIPAA compliant and for over 30 years, our expertise continues to remain in:

  • Document Intake: Our DD Capture, DD ManageDD Integrate and DD Tracker services accelerate processing and decision times by reducing human handling and eliminating the manual method of processing your incoming documents.
  • EOB Processing: Create immediate improvements with Data Dimensions' automated EOB processing solution.
  • Digital Voice Recording: Rely on Data Dimensions' digital voice recording solution to provide you with the competitive edge, while effectively reducing your potential liabilities.
  • Records Storage Management: Limit legal exposure by securely storing your physical documents with Data Dimensions, a trusted source for securely storing documents for the property and casualty industry.

Currently, Data Dimensions processes over 83 million transactions per year, with extensive experience converting all types of forms and documents specifically for the healthcare industry, including:

HCFA Pre-Authorizations/Pre-Certifications
CMS 1500 COB
UB 92 & 04 Single/multi page & attachments EOR
Re-pricing Statements EOB
Superbill EOP
Medicare/Medicaid AOB
X-Rays POA (Power of Attorney)
Enrollment Forms Release Forms
RX Claims Invoices
Dental Claims Vision Claims
Patient Authorizations Other Legal/Arbitration Documentation
Policy Underwriting Documents Other Correspondence/Attachments
State-specific & Foreign Claims  

Working with Data Dimensions means you'll be working with qualified professionals dedicated to helping you meet your goals. You'll have access to our vast resources while allowing for you to control the process. By partnering with you, a dedicated project manager develops a thorough understanding of your current processes and offers expert advice along the way, giving you individualized solutions for tomorrow. Utilizing Six Sigma® methodologies, together, we modify and/or align your processes, allowing for business-critical criteria and exception handling, while building a customized solution that is guaranteed to be cost-effective.