Aligning Your Document Imaging Strategy and Needs

Aligning Your Document Imaging Strategy and Needs

Merely deciding to convert your company’s expensive and complicated paper processes to digital isn’t enough. You have to make a plan that fits the mission, goals and vision of your business.

In her article “Why Your Document Strategy Isn’t Working,” Document Strategy Media Editor Allison Lloyd discusses the importance of planning and executing a company-wide way of handling document intake and distribution.

Once the decision to move to electronic processes is made, it should be frequently re-evaluated to ensure that the process chosen is still the one that fits the company best. Lloyd describes a participant in a recent strategy forum saying “It’s a living, breathing thing. We’re constantly revisiting our strategy, asking ourselves: Is this where we want to be? What’s changed? How do you move it? Is it right or wrong?”

There’s another question that also must be answered: Does your document imaging plan have the full support of the stakeholders in your company? As Lloyd writes, “This is what maturity looks like. If you constantly align your document strategy to this vision, you will prove valuable to the organization.”

Whatever document strategy you choose, be sure it is both aligned to your organization’s vision and that it is flexible enough to grow and change with your company.

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