Are Millennials are Threat to the Future of BPO?

Are Millennials are Threat to the Future of BPO?
Does the new generation of job seekers pose a problem for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)? That’s the contention of an unnamed writer in a recent blog post on Horses for Sources, a website devoted to business operations and IT.

BPO companies, “whether we buy, sell or advise on business operations” need to have succession plans in place to develop the next generation of talent, the column contents.

The writer offers some ideas for encouraging and grooming the next generation of BPO professionals.  Among them:

  1. Focus on locations where young people still appreciate a service career and have some measure of company loyalty. Smaller cities have a culture of people staying with one company for several years and building a career there.  What’s more, the lower costs-of-living in smaller cities means less demand for high salaries, and possibly, more long-term employees.
  2. Promote career paths: Working for a BPO organizations offers potential growth and requires smart, flexible employees. Companies must promote this aspect of the work, so it is seen by potential employees as the first step in a career and not just another job.
  3. Ban personal smartphones during office hours: The most controversial idea on the list, the writer says “It’s just got to be done,” since smartphones are “the disease terrorizing today’s business environment.”

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