Be sure provider is equipped to handle government services

Be sure provider is equipped to handle government services
Due to several factors, including security and compliance requirements, government agencies have specific needs when it comes to document- and data-driven services. Data Dimensions, which combines decades of experience with a commitment to continually evolving, leading-edge technology, is uniquely positioned to offer solutions in the government arena, including:


Having Data Dimensions provide government solutions offers these benefits:


Security and compliance: Data Dimensions has several operating facilities located across the United States, including a Tier II data center and a FISMA moderate Tier III data center, both ensuring robust business continuity in a secure environment. What’s more, Data Dimensions remains in compliance with state and federal security requirements and adheres to all appropriate industry standards, including HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley.


Efficiency: One of the keys to Data Dimensions’ solutions for government services is its use of Six Sigma methodologies to ensure maximum efficiency as well as reduced expenses in your agency’s processes.


SGA Schedule 36: Data Dimensions offers services listed on the GSA Schedule 36, also known as the GSA Office Imaging Schedule. These services meet the document-related needs of federal agencies, including personal and document identification systems, as well as mail- and records-management services.


The data- and document-related needs of government agencies involve complexities and complications not present in the private sector. Be sure the company you engage to provide these services is equipped to deal with those issues.

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