Be sure to watch these BPO trends in 2016

Be sure to watch these BPO trends in 2016
At, Stephanie Overby predicts several outsourcing trends for 2016, including a new focus on security, a move to the cloud and new challenges involving integration.

  1. Increased focus on security: With an increasing numbers of “threat actors” looking to exploit weaknesses, regulators will increase fines for poor security and service providers will be forced to find new and better ways to address security concerns. Also expect to see the profile of the Chief Security Officer rise and more companies choosing to go with specialized security vendors.
  2. Production moves to the cloud: In 2016, more production workloads will be relocated to the cloud. But, reluctant to put all their eggs in one basket, savvy CIOs will experiment with a variety of major public cloud options, such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.  A well-planned, well-run cloud platform can deal with higher-level processes, thus increasing revenues, improving efficiency and improving client service, Overby notes.
  3. New integration challenges: As clients adopt an ever-growing number of emerging digital technologies, they’ll also face a growing number of challenges. Cloud technology will require new types of integration, and companies that are not prepared will have to outsource service integration, incident management and change management – which could eventually lead to increasing partnerships among service providers.
  4. Multi-speed IT: Outsourcing clients will see the need to take different approaches to managing two aspects of IT: “running the business” and “changing the business.” Clients will use a bi-model approach to put commercial and contractual mechanisms in place with vendors to make clear the roles of the respective groups and optimize the contributions of each.

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