The benefits of working with a GSA contract holder

The benefits of working with a GSA contract holder
The General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 36, also known as the GSA Office Imaging Schedule, is a contract awarded by the GSA for companies with proven levels of confidentiality, security and compliance. Companies with such a contract have increased access to federal contracts, but their reliability means they can offer high levels of service for your company as well.

Here are some of the benefits of working with a GSA-approved provider:

1. Information security practices and procedures that have been verified: The GSA reviews reports from every contractor applying for a GSA contract to judge whether the company can offer satisfactory services to GSA schedule users. This involves a careful examination of the company’s capabilities, services and technologies – including an analysis of security measures and controls. This sort of review ensures that any provider with a GSA contract can be trusted with the safety and security of your company’s most valuable documents and sensitive data.

2. Control of expenses: A GSA schedule can also help your company control its outsourcing expenses. By negotiating with contractors, the GSA ensures that companies dealing with them receive the lowest possible rates, offering reduced costs, streamlined processes and increased efficiency.

3. Processes that have been tested and approved: A company with a GSA contract has had its processes carefully reviewed and checked for accuracy, reliability and security. Whether your company is looking for services involving data capture, imaging, print and mail, enterprise content management or some other form of Business Process Outsourcing, choosing a provider with a GSA contract ensures that their processes and procedures have been examined and approved under the highest possible scrutiny.

Though a GSA contract is awarded to allow a company more access to the federal market, the qualities that led to the awarding of that contract – security, compliance, confidentiality – are aspects that any company could benefit from by engaging the GSA contract holder as a service provider.

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