Bill payment solution must address a variety of issues

Bill payment solution must address a variety of issues
If you’re looking for a bill payment service to help your organization deal with this often expensive, complicated process, it’s important to remember that the right solution will offer a range of components to address the variety of issues that crop up, often unexpectedly, during the bill payment process.Here are some things to consider:

The right bill payment solution will feature an integrated paper-to-electronic and electronic bill payment process. That includes:

  • Paper-to-electronic conversion
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) gateway and Advanced Claims Editing (ACE)
  • A reliable, flexible payment platform

The right bill payment solution should span the full range of the IRS life cycle. That includes:

  • IRS name validation
  • 1099 MISC generation
  • B Notice filings
  • Processing of provider name and address corrections
  • Call center support for provider inquiries
  • Generation of 1099 copies
  • Filing of 30-day IRS extensions
  • Electronic 1099 filing with the IRS

Finally, in the field of bill payments, not all transactions can be sent electronically. For those that cannot, it’s important to have a reliable alternative. The ideal bill payment provider also offers an efficient print-and-mail solution that offers backup for non-electronic payments. This includes:

  • Guaranteed SLAs and turnaround times
  • Deep postage discounts
  • Fixed costs
  • Immediate and ongoing access to best-of-breed technology and skill sets
  • Improved audits and controls

The bill payment process can be complicated and costly, something that can drain the resources of an organization. By finding a reliable provider whose bill payment solution addresses the above issues, an organization can streamline its processes, curb its expenses and allow its employees to focus on core competencies, rather than the intricacies of bill payments.

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