Is your BPO provider prepared for these 2017 trends?

Is your BPO provider prepared for these 2017 trends?
As a new year begins, businesses must take a look at their processes, their customer satisfaction and find ways of improving both in the effort to remain successful. In the technology-reliant field of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), this is vitally important, with new developments arriving constantly.

Here, courtesy of, are three trends that will become increasing important in 2017.

  1. Client empowerment: As the business field grows more competitive, clients are beginning to realize their growing power and value. New technology has given them increased access to BPO providers located anywhere in the world, which means companies must learn to focus on ever-improving client service. Whether it’s in the field of AP automation, data capture, claims processing, mailroom or another aspect of BPO, client satisfaction is crucial.
  2. The demand for “ominchannel”: These days, consumers are not just going to stores to shop – or just going online, either. They’re shopping everywhere: comparing products and prices, checking them out in person in stores then ordering them online, “showrooming” and “webrooming” on their mobile device. This ever-increasing reliance on online shopping, combing with new ways of using brick-and-mortar locations, will force BPO providers to develop new strategies and technologies to meet demand.
  3. Client feedback: To ensure client loyalty in an increasingly competitive market, BPO providers will have to make listening to client feedback a top priority. This will rely on companies allowing clients to be heard on their own terms, creating new and more accurate surveys to chart customer satisfaction and target pain points, and, in addition, listening to their own employees to gain additional insight into their processes and how they work – or don’t work.

If you’re looking for a BPO provider to increase your efficiencies, streamline your process and free up your own employees to focus on your company’s core competencies, be sure to select one that is poised and prepared to deal with these and other changes facing the BPO field in 2017 – and in the years to come.

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