More BPO trends that you need to be aware of in 2017

More BPO trends that you need to be aware of in 2017
Earlier this year, we looked at trends that are predicted to shape the field of Business Process Outsourcing in 2017. Now that the year is approaching the halfway mark, it’s an appropriate time to look at some other ideas, processes and client priorities that will have a dramatic effect on BPO in the months to come.

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  1. The Voice of the Customer (VOC): Receiving feedback and understanding what the customer wants is crucial for building customer loyalty. How companies gather that feedback and use the insights provided will determine their ability to succeed – and survive. Among the key developments in the VOC field are clients’ willingness to give feedback; developing new channels to collect VOC, including social media, website surveys and email campaigns; and listening not only to customers, but also to employees – who often have valuable feedback of their own.
  2. Process Automation: Much of the growth in the BPO arena is being driven by an increasing need to automate time-consuming manual processes and routine tasks. This growing level of automation in operational processes will result in great efficiency and reliability, allowing companies to reduce costs as they streamline their operations through BPO. This will, in turn, allow the employees of those companies to shift their focus to the businesses’ core competencies.
  3. Improved security: With constant reports of computer hacking and ever-improving technology being developed to break through a company’s defenses, security is more important than ever. But outsourcing data processes to an experienced, qualified BPO provider, an organization can ensure that it is protected not just against hacking, theft, fraud and cyber-terrorism, but also against other threats, including natural disasters, power failure and other environmental threats.

For an organization whose business plan relies on information, whether in the area of accounts payable, medical claims, medical bills or any other form of data capture and management, outsourcing those processes is an efficient, cost-effective way to be streamlined, secure and responsive to clients.

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