Can your payment platform handle times of crisis?

Can your payment platform handle times of crisis?
When disaster strikes and claimants need to be paid quickly, delays in claims processing only serve to add to the devastation. When the sheer volume of claims can tax a payment system to its breaking point, that’s when it’s a mistake to rely on traditional payment methods. They can be time-consuming, inefficient and a drain on an organization’s resources even in the best of times. But in the worst of times, depending on them to help people in crisis can be a big mistake.


Insurance companies need a payment system that allows companies to streamline their payment processes, with a decision tree that routes payment and remittance data electronically.  That’s exactly what DD BillPay, Data Dimensions’ all-encompassing payment platform, does. It leverages a network of over one million electronic payment-accepting providers, and its sophisticated distribution engine is constantly updated with payee information to ensure payment and remittance data is routed in the most effective manner.


DD BillPay offers these other important benefits as well:

  • The ability to reduce costs and increase revenues by maximizing the benefits of virtual cards and other cost-saving electronic payment options.
  • Immediate savings for organizations using DD BillPay, thanks to electronic adoption of 70 percent or better on Day One.

What’s more, DD BillPay spans the full range of the IRS life cycle, including IRS name validation, B Notice filings, processing of provider name-and-address corrections and call center support for provider inquiries.


It’s impossible to predict when external forces will be a strain on a payment system. If you want to ensure that yours continues to operate smoothly and reliably, and if you’re also looking for a payment process that can actually increase revenue, DD BillPay is the solution you’re seeking. It offers the flexibility to fit your organization’s needs, and it’s a proven way to increase efficiency and reduce expenses – all of which will improve service, help clients and increase your company’s bottom line.

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