Catch the Next ECM Wave

Catch the Next ECM Wave
A recent issue of the Document Imaging Report describes a “next generation ECM solution” that includes Smart Process Applications (SPAs) and Intelligent Business Process Management Systems (IBPMS).Ralph Gammon, editor of the Document Imaging Report, wrote that despite the different terms, all these ideas revolve around the concept of workflow, and they have the same goal: to get the right information to the right people. Gammon does, however, see two things that set these ideas apart from previous approaches:

  1. Timeliness: Gammon says it seems the current goal is to provide “near instantaneous turnarounds,” not just improve processing.
  2. Multi-channel capture: Newly defined ECM processes go beyond the traditional paper and e-forms to encompass social media, mobile devices, data from other systems and other sources.

What does all this mean to companies utilizing (or considering) document imaging?

According to Gammon, it adds possibilities and complications. Customers, partners, vendors and other communicators can reach your company in ever increasing ways, and all those communications require a faster – if not instant – response. What’s more, a new ECM system must act as a “system of record,” cataloguing all information related to a transaction, and that record must stay open to incorporate additions and future transactions.

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