Does your company have the right ECM solution?

Does your company have the right ECM solution?
An organization that relies on an outdated, unsupported legacy enterprise content management (ECM) system is putting itself at genuine risk. Information can be lost, clients can be ill-served, and the company’s record for security, reliability and compliance can be placed in jeopardy.


What an organization needs is a cost-effective, reliable, web-based ECM solution that features extensive routing, tracking, imaging and reporting capabilities. A SaaS-based comprehensive solution allows users and clients to import vital content through a variety of methods. That reduces implementation time, increases efficiency, boosts productivity – and, of course, reduces costs.


The right ECM solution should be one that has been created for use across multiple lines of business. It should also include the following elements:

  • Seamless integration with third-party applications
  • Letter generation
  • Built-in tracking and custom-reporting capabilities
  • Document copy with version control
  • Configurable rules engine
  • Queue routing and exception handling

The benefits of employing such an ECM solution are many. Costs are reduced by optimizing business processes and accelerating processing turnaround. Efficiency is improved through the automation of processes and the elimination of manual steps. Client service is improved thanks to consistency in processes and quicker response to customer. What’s more, overall risk is reduced because a reliable ECM solution strengthens compliance with government and industry regulations.


And, finally, an organization that focuses on electronic data storage dramatically reduces its costs related to paper, printing, storage and filing.

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