Digital mailroom offers a step beyond data capture

Digital mailroom offers a step beyond data capture

Having had success scanning invoices and capture-enabling their accounts payable documents, many organizations are looking to expand their early adoption efforts to include a wider variety of mail and a larger range of processes.

According to AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), this can pose problems not addressed in the comparatively simple process of automating accounts payable. Operating a digital mailroom can be much more complex, involving the recognition of new layouts, new key fields and new forms of text recognition that might require other languages and character systems.

As the AIIM article points out, flexibility is the key. Organizations that can develop a streamlined, easy-to-adapt plan for their digital mailroom processes can reduce the end-to-end process time and provide increased accountability and reduced costs. The benefits come from the wide variety of other processes that can be capture-enabled, going beyond accounts payable. With regards to forms capture, the ability to reliably and accurately capture handwriting quickly becomes a huge advantage, as does the ability to process multiple form layouts.

According to an AIIM survey, these are the processes/document types that saw the greatest success in terms of ROI and service improvement.

  1. Invoices (rated “excellent” or “good” by more than 47 percent)
  2. Legal and contract (rated “excellent” or “good” by more than 46 percent)
  3. Application forms (rated “excellent” or “good” by more than 40 percent)
  4. Correspondence and mail (rated “excellent” or “good” by 40 percent)
  5. Compliance/consent forms (rated “excellent” or “good” by more than 35 percent)
  6. Purchase/sales orders (rated “excellent” or “good” by 35 percent)
  7. HR forms and resumes (rated “excellent” or “good” by more than 32 percent)
  8. Checks (rated “excellent” or “good” by more than 30 percent)

Organizations that expand their automation beyond the limits of accounts payable can experience increased profits, streamlined processes, greater accountability and even improved compliance. And, by outsourcing these processes, those companies can reap the benefits with a lower initial investment and reduced operating costs.

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