Experience, technology are key to print-mail success

Experience, technology are key to print-mail success
If your organizations relies on mission-critical communication – and, really, what organization doesn’t? – then you need to ensure that your print-mail solution is one that’s efficient, cost-effective and, most of all, reliable. If your communications aren’t getting through to your clients, suppliers and partners, your company won’t succeed. It’s that simple.


The way to guarantee you have an effective print-mail solution is to find a provider with both the decades of experience and the leading-edge technology to deliver the communication services you need as part of an intelligent shared services solution.


Among the features you should look for when seeking a print-mail provider:

  • The ability to manage numerous file formats, libraries, business rules, etc.
  • An understanding of the technical requirements needed to distribute communication at the highest level of efficiency.
  • Use of high-output technology that includes roll-to-sheet and cut sheet variable print, supporting OCR, MICR, color capabilities along with intelligent inserting utilizing data glyphs and bar codes to produce personalized communication
  • Operations that are audited and compliant with SOC II, FISMA High and HIPAA standards
  • Processes that are supported by mirrored/redundant facilities to ensure security and business continuity

A provider that offers these elements, with the combination of decades of experience and the latest technology (including artificial intelligence) will be able to handle your organization’s print-mail needs right now, and what’s more, will be able to adapt and evolve to handle whatever challenges lie ahead. That ensures your organization remains successful in an increasing competitive, complex business arena.

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