Find a reliable provider of print and mail services

Find a reliable provider of print and mail services
Though First Class mail remains an important method of communication for many organizations, it can be expensive and time-consuming to produce print and mail output. Such an operation requires employees to focus their attention on material purchasing, inventory, output production, file management, redundancy planning and keeping track of ever-changing USPS regulations and requirements – all of which keeps them from focusing on an organization’s core competencies.


What’s needed is a reliable provider of print and mail services that can handle those tasks accurately and efficiently. Data Dimensions has the experience, the technology and the skill sets to do just that. No matter what aspect of communication your organization is struggling with, Data Dimensions has the solution, including:

  • Standard, First Class discounted mail
  • Certified and eCertified Mail
  • Non-standard mailings
  • Return mail processing
  • Output ePresentment portal capabilities

Data Dimenions’ solutions employ documented processes and procedures to ensure its technology is operating at maximum standards in a Six Sigma quality environment. Operations are audited and comply with SOC Type II, FISMA High and HIPAA standards, and all processes are supported by mirrored and redundant facilities, meaning that compliance and security is guaranteed.


What’s more, all of Data Dimensions’ service offerings have the ability to scale and span multiple lines of business and support multiple departments within an organization, going beyond print and mail services and providing it with all the benefits of an outsourced shared services solution.

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