Handle cost and complexity by outsourcing remittance processing

Handle cost and complexity by outsourcing remittance processing
Remittance processing is important, but it’s also a complex — and potentially expensive — part of doing business. However, there is a solution.


Outsourcing your organization’s remittance processing means you no longer need to process mailed-in payments, make time-consuming trips to the bank, maintain multiple banking relationships in various locations or put customers on hold while you search for payment information. What’s more, depositing payments electronically can accelerate the availability of funds by at least one day when compared with manual check processing.


An ideal remittance solution handles processing of the following:

  • Business checks
  • Personal checks
  • Single check and remittance stub
  • Single check and multiple remittance stubs
  • Check-only transactions
  • Check-and-list transactions

Remittance processing offers a variety of benefits, including ROI in as few as six months, accelerated transaction processing, reduced bank deposit fees, reduced manual keying of check and remittance data, instant access to archived payment information and improved returned check handling.


If your organization is struggling with remittance processing, consider outsourcing it to a company combines years of reliable service with a continuing commitment to evolving technology.

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