Here's what companies will demand from ECM in the future

Here’s what companies will demand from ECM in the future

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market has grown dramatically in the past decade, driven by organizations working to transition away from paper-based document management and toward automated processes. Mika Jananaien, in an article for, outlines what a group of business professionals said they demand from ECM in the coming years.

  1. Security and simplicity: With the growth of file sharing and sync tools, companies have become aware of the need to balance security concerns against the need for a simple way to share documents and collaborate with others outside their organization.
  2. Increased access and availability: With the modern workforce being more dispersed and mobile than any time in history, there’s an ever-increasing demand to be able to access business-critical information at any time and from anywhere. In fact, it’s becoming a requirement – and not an option – for business professionals to be able to access that information and participate in workflows regardless of time or location.
  3. Smart and personalized: Fast and accurate access to date is expected in this day and age. What professional want in addition to that requirement – and where the real value of ECM begins to show – is in intelligently linking content with context. In other words, linking the information in structured data systems (CRM, for example) with unstructured content repositories can establish relevance – and, more importantly, provide instant access to the most current information an organization has, regardless of the system.

If you’re a company looking to outsource your ECM issues, finding a provider who can offer the above solutions will position you to be competitive and successful in the coming years, with increased efficiency, reduced cost and the ability to allow your company’s workers to focus on your core competencies.

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