Increase work comp efficiencies with Shared Services solution

Increase work comp efficiencies with Shared Services solution
If you’re looking to increase efficiencies in the workers compensation arena, consider Data Dimensions’ Intelligent Shared Services solution. Combining decades of experience with a commitment to continually evolving and leading-edge technology, our solution includes these elements:


Workflow: Dimensions360 optimizes the claims and medical bill process, increasing auto-adjudication rates while reducing administrative costs and turnaround times.


Payments: DD BillPay, powered by ECHO Health, is our proven medical bill payment solution that offers the ability to save time and money in managing a fully electronic payment/remittance distribution solution.


Provider Portal: Our Provider Engagement Portal, powered by Availity, is a secure, multi-payer platform that serves as an entry point for more than 1.2 million providers and every health plan.


Data Capture: Data Dimensions uses state-of-the-art, high-capacity document capture technology to provide the greatest accuracy and best image quality available. Our forms-recognition software automates document identification, and we have extensive experience with all types of forms and documents.


Claims Adjudication: Data Dimensions is a leader in providing claims adjudication processing, with a staff that helps clients fight fraud, contain costs and increase productivity.


The traditional Shared Services maturation process is no longer relevant. Data-driven processes are forced to keep up with constantly changing business needs and market demands. By utilizing Data Dimensions’ as your Shared Services center, you can rely on solutions that will evolve with your organization as well as the ever-changing business climate.

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