Intelligent Document Recognition Keeps Data Stream Moving

Intelligent Document Recognition Keeps Data Stream Moving

One of the most important aspects of document processing is Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR).

According to an AIIM Webinar presented by Brousseau & Associates, IDR is applied during high-speed document processing to extract the necessary data. Then, after the scanning process is completed, the data from the documents is merged into a single stream, along with documents captured via other input channels. All the documents are then run through another process to “validate and purify” the data.

The result, the AIIM presentation says, is a single “predictable and reliable” data stream that is delivered as quickly as possible to the next process. Most importantly, exceptions are greatly reduced – and exceptions are the top cause of slow data delivery.

Outsourcing document processing offers many benefits for companies, including faster processing (allowing for more profitability), greater compliance and increased flexibility. But IDR may be among the most important benefit because the ability to route data electronically based on rules that dramatically minimize exceptions makes the entire process that much more efficient.

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