Keep track of what right payment solution can offer

Keep track of what right payment solution can offer
In the past several weeks in this blog, we’ve talked about the bill payment process – what it is, what it requires, what its potential problems are and how they can be solved.


Here, to recap, are some of the elements an automated bill payment system can bring to your organization:

  • Paper-to-electronic conversion, reducing expensive and time-consuming paper handing, processing and storage
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) gateway and Advanced Claims Editing (ACE)
  • Streamlined processing, allowing providers and their staff to navigate within a single network that supports bill processing and payment/remit data formats as well as administrative functions
  • Immediate and quantifiable results, including a reduction in administrative costs associated with bill processing
  • And finally, an improvement in the clients’ experience with enhanced timeliness and accuracy associated with managing medical encounters

The bill payment process can be full of high costs and seemingly endless complications, both of which can drain the resources – finances, staff and time — of an organization. But a reliable provider of an established, efficient bill payment solution can solve these problems, allowing an organization can reduce expenses, improve its processes and allow its staff to focus on its core competencies, instead of the complications related to bill payments and processing.

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