Let a reliable provider solve your insurance issues

Let a reliable provider solve your insurance issues
The sheer number of documents and records associated with the insurance industry can make it difficult for an organization to manage all of them and still remain focused on its core competencies.


The solution? Outsource those duties to a reliable provider, one that combines decades of experience with a dedication to continually evolving technology. Among the services that should be included:


Digital Voice Recording: A comprehensive digital voice recording, storage and retrieval solution allows providers secure online access to quality MP3 recordings, expedites acquisition and review of records, avoids lost time caused by sending out physical tapes for transcription and provides redundancy for complete disaster recovery.


Centralized Mailroom and Document Intake: Mailroom services help organizations automate document-driven functions, including mailroom and post office box management, courier services, document preparation, imagine, indexing and data capture. The documents that can be digitized include medical bills, medical claims and other attachments.


Hard Copy Management: Cost-effective, hard copy storage should offer fast, 24/7 access to your organization’s records; tracking and indexing of records at the box, file and document level; the ability to access your records digitally via scan-on-demand services; guaranteed, secure transportation; optional destruction services; and, most importantly, safety and security with your records stored in a monitored facility equipped with heat and smoke sensors, motion detectors and sprinkler system.


Workflow: A centralized workflow optimizes the claim and medical bill process, increasing auto-adjudication rates while reducing administrative costs and turnaround times. Workflow eliminates the need to physically transfer documents, reduces errors, enforces approval processes and complies with government regulations and industry standards.


If your organization is finding the complexities and complications of the insurance industry difficult to contend with, seek out a reliable provider with the experience and technological know-how to deliver the services crucial to your continued success.

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