Looking for efficiency and compliance? Document imaging could be the answer

Looking for efficiency and compliance? Document imaging could be the answer

According to an AIIM ECM survey, the average time spent per day looking for paper documents, documents files, emails, intranet and web pages is 51 minutes. On the other hand, it can take as few as 15 seconds to search for an electronic document.

Still wondering if document imaging is the way to become more efficient?

Document imaging allows companies to import documents, images, e-mails and faxes from virtually any application, for automatic capture and indexing of critical data. Document imaging also offers control and tracking of actions, letting companies more easily comply with government regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA, as well as their own internal and industry security standards.

Outsourcing document imaging has benefits that go beyond compliance. Here are a few more of them:

  • Control over your organization’s knowledge and intellectual property
  • Improved efficiency by automating the process and removing time-consuming manual steps
  • Better process control through standardized work methods
  • Improved collaboration, communication and more efficient use of internal resources
  • Reduced document storage space and filing costs
  • Flexibility that allows customization of the system to suit specific needs
  • Audit trails for review at any time, guaranteeing transparency

Your company has other matters to be concerned about than document imaging, and outsourcing that process will allow your employees to focus on core competencies while increasing efficiency, compliance and security.

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