Manage audio files with the right digital voice recording solution

Manage audio files with the right digital voice recording solution
Sometimes, a written record isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need audio materials for workers compensation claims or insurance purposes. At those times, a reliable, comprehensive digital voice recording solution is what your organization requires.


The right digital voice recording retrieval and storage solution can link audio records to events within third-party systems, including Claims, CRM, Policy and others. Such a Digital Recording Statement (DRS) solution can be a web-based application available as a cloud offering hosted in the provider’s secure data center, or a licensed application that is installed behind the safety of your organization’s firewall. The solution should be agnostic to phone system (brand) or type (PBX, VOIP, Soft Technology) and fully configurable to meet your enterprise recording needs regardless of the number of third-party interfaces or call centers.


Outsourcing such a digital voice recording solution from an experienced, reliable provider can increase your organization’s efficiency in a variety of ways. Among them:

  • Secure online access to quality digital MP3 records, with an audit trail
  • Expedited acquisition and review of digital MP3 records
  • No wasting time and resources sending tapes out to be transcribed
  • No issues involving tape deterioration
  • Access to leading-edge technology with no need to purchase costly hardware or software
  • Quick implementation, compliance and regulatory protection
  • Redundancy for complete disaster recovery

If your organization relies on digital voice recordings, you need a reliable, efficient solution to ensure that audio data is handled, processed and stored accurately and securely. A provider with both the experience and the technological know-how can ensure you get the digital voice recording solution that best suits your specific requirements.

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