Outsource the expensive, complex handling of dental X-rays

Outsource the expensive, complex handling of dental X-rays

Inaccurate or poor quality dental X-ray processing can be an expensive problem, resulting in pends, appeals and re-files, all of which significantly delay adjudication – and add to costs. It’s important to find a provider that uses advanced imaging equipment and unique X-ray selection processes to deliver clean, clear X-rays every time.

Dentists frequently submit X-rays that are not required for payment processing. By using a sophisticated selection process based on procedure codes, the right provider can reduce the number of unnecessary X-rays imaged, lowering both costs and storage requirements.

Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing X-ray imaging to a qualified provider:

  • Expedited, selective X-ray imaging, allowing for greater profitability
  • Secure online access to records, giving you sharp images or X-rays and associated claims documents
  • HIPAA compliance and protection
  • Audit trails for real-time reviews and complete process transparency
  • Flexibility to customize our system to fit your needs
  • Leading-edge technology with no need to purchase any software

By selecting a provider that offers these services, a company looking to outsource its dental X-ray imaging can increase patient and provider satisfaction, accelerate turnaround and improve profitability.

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