Outsource the shift from paper to digital

Outsource the shift from paper to digital

It is no surprise that, in the 21st century, more and more companies are making the shift from paper to digital data. The trouble is, such a switch can be complicated and expensive, with many companies not realizing the difficulties it can entail.

According to a report from the Aberdeen Group, the shift from paper-based business practices toward digital, unstructured data continues, with the volume of documents and unstructured data growing by more than 30 percent each year. As recently as 2012, 49 percent of basic business processes relied on paper documents and/or unstructured digital data, and 51 percent of business data was stored as paper documents or unstructured digital data.

But those numbers are changing, and changing dramatically. In a survey of users, a total of 73.6 respondents described their scanning and document requirements as more complex than they were two years ago, compared with 7.6 who called them less complex and 18.9 who said they were unchanged.

So what is the solution? Outsourcing business processes that are paper-burdensome, manual or labor cumbersome allows companies to save money and resources by focusing on their core competencies. According to a survey by AIIM Industry Watch,  the biggest BPO benefits include no staff management over heads, lower cost per scan, improved capacity management, better equipment and no issues involving paper storage, handling or disposal. A reliable BPO provider can help companies manage the shift from paper to digital data, insuring that, in the process, companies remain compliant and increase their own efficiencies, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

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