Print and Mail solution keeps lines of communication open

Print and Mail solution keeps lines of communication open

Traditional printed first class mailings remain a significant form of communication for companies.  Unfortunately, managing this process is expensive and inefficient, putting a strain on valuable core resources.

The right print and mail solution focuses on leveraging best-of-breed technology, skill-sets and processes to deliver effective and efficient mission critical outbound personalized communication.  The foundation of a provider’s robust distribution capabilities relies on technology and skill-sets specifically geared to supporting mass personalized communications.

The technology and the trained skill-sets needed to manage a large production operation require continual investment.  Technology focused on managing numerous file formats, libraries, business rules, etc., must be combined understanding the technical requirements for distributing the communication in the most efficient manner. High-output production technology that supports roll-to-sheet and cut sheet variable print OCR, MICR, Color along with intelligent inserting that utilizes data glyphs and barcodes results in a personalized communication that is aesthetically pleasing and accurate.

The right print/mail solution will include:

  • Enhanced output design
  • Immediate/on-going access to best-of-breed technology and skill-sets
  • Elimination of material and production waste
  • Improved audits and controls
  • Guaranteed SLA’s and turnaround times
  • Seamless scalability
  • Robust modality distribution capabilities
  • Deep postage discounts
  • Fixed costs

Managing an internal print/mail production environment places a significant burden on internal “core revenue-generating resources.”  By outsourcing these tasks, a company can manage its mission-critical communication needs by leveraging best-of-breed experienced skill-sets and technology to deliver immediate, significant and continual results.

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