Print-and-mail solution key to effective communication

Print-and-mail solution key to effective communication
Though printed First Class mailings remain an important means of communication for many organizations, managing this process can be an expensive and inefficient one, putting a strain on a company’s core resources and a drain on revenue.


What an organization needs is a print-and-mail solution that uses leading-edge technology, skill sets and processes to deliver outbound personal communication. That solution should address every distribution aspect, including:

  • First Class Discounted Mail
  • Certified and eCertified Mail
  • Flat Mailing
  • Return Mail
  • ePresentment

The key to a reliable print-and-mail solution is a continual investment in technology and training to manage an ever-growing production operation. A print-and-mail fulfillment solution should rely on high-output production technology that includes roll-to-sheet and cut-sheet variable printing, supporting OCR, MICR and color capabilities plus intelligent inserting that uses data glyphs and barcodes. The end result is a personalized communication that is aesthetically pleasing, accurate and effective.


A reliable, outsourced print-and-mail solution offers an organization a variety of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced output design
  • Elimination of material and production waste
  • Improved audits and controls
  • Guaranteed SLAs and turnaround times
  • Robust modality distribution capabilities
  • Deep postage discounts

When an organization attempts to manage its own print-and-mail production, it can place an undue burden on its existing resources and staff. But by outsourcing such production to an experienced provider, a company can enjoy the benefits, including streamlined operation, greater reliability and reduced operation costs.

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