Process improvement isn't just important -- it's vital for business survival

Process improvement isn’t just important — it’s vital for business survival

Process improvement, as a recent article at points out, has been around as a concept since at least the mid 1980s. But what was once considered a way to streamline various business methods, is now seen as a vital part of business operations.

In that article, writer Bob Larrivee explains that modern business organizations see eliminating paper from their processes and experience greater functionality when that paper use is reduced, if not cut out altogether. But he goes on to say that getting rid of paper is only the first step in a bigger issue – the overall role of digital transformation. According to a recent AIIM survey, the concept of digital transformation is taking hold across the business spectrum, regardless of the type or size of the comedy in question.

One of the main tenets of digital transformation is the growing realization among decision makers that information that is originally digital should remain digital because in that form it can bring greater value to the organization as it is processed more quickly and efficiently than paper documents could be. What’s more, businesses are starting to realize that new developments in technology allow for greater security, which means that they can explore next innovations and extend their processes and interactions past the corporate walls, while still protecting their information.

Automation driven by the concert of process improvement plays a crucial role in the digital transformation of businesses. The more paper that is eliminated from the process and converted to digital information creates more efficiency, but it also means a business must rely more on secure digital workflows. Companies looking to make this transformation – and, as the AIIM article says, making that transition could be the key to survival – might find it more expedient and cost-effective to outsource their processes, whether they involve accounts payable, bill pay, claims pay or other solutions. Outsourcing will allow a company to take advantage of leading edge technology and increase efficiency and security while, at the same time, avoiding costly investments in equipment and letting their own  employees focus on the core competencies of the business.

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