Reduce complexity and cost with centralized mailroom solution

Reduce complexity and cost with centralized mailroom solution
If your organization is struggling with the complexity, cost, time and potential errors involved with opening, managing and distributing inbound documents, consider a centralized mailroom solution delivered by an experienced provider with the leading-edge technology necessary to handle the work.


Here’s how the centralized mailroom process works:

  • Inbound mail addressed to your organization is instead routed to and received at the mailroom services provider.
  • That mail is opened and prepared for imaging.
  • Data and images are extracted from the opened mail via state-of-the-art, high-speed document capture hardware and software.
  • Images are formatted to specifications based on business rules.
  • The data and images can then be viewed, printed, shared, routed or archived in a SaaS-based enterprise content management system or delivered to your existing systems and processes.

Whatever you choose for your organization, your employees will have immediate access to all your content without the effort and expense of receiving, opening, preparing and scanning it. The centralized mailroom solution can be configured to the model that best suits your business needs and relying on a provider that combines decades of experience with a commitment to leading-edge technology can allow you to securely outsource those duties while allowing your employees to focus instead on core competencies.

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