Seeking efficiency? Outsource your AP Capture needs

Seeking efficiency? Outsource your AP Capture needs
The complexities and costs associated with invoice processing are enough to put a strain on any organization, from the high volumes of manual data entry to the time-consuming exceptions processes and lengthy turnaround times.


What your organization needs is an experience, reliable provider of an Accounts Payable Capture solution, one that uses automation to streamline the entire process.


In an efficient AP Capture solution, invoices are received, prepared and digitized. Then, data is extracted, and business rules are applied to drive the workflow, which allows for approval, denial, partial pay or pend. Finally, integration is made your organization’s existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Utilizing leading-edge data capture technology to improve your organization’s accounts payable process offers many benefits, including:

  • Superior accuracy of your company’s data
  • Data standardization across form types
  • Reduction in the amount of expensive and complicated paper handling
  • Increased efficiency
  • End-to-end process ownership

In addition, outsourcing your AP capture needs to a reliable, experienced provider allows your organization to avoid the expenses involved in purchasing expensive hardware and software and paying for maintenance service.




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