Accounts Payable Workflow

Zero Footprint Invoice Processing

Many corporations are deploying electronic invoicing to automate their AP processes. While electronic invoicing adoption continues to grow, corporations are left with some paper invoices, creating ongoing processing headaches and the need to maintain processing staff and infrastructure.


Data Dimensions enables corporations to eliminate all of their paper invoice processing by offering outsourced services that complement, and can integrate with, any electronic invoicing platform.


Invoice capture automates the receipt, opening, scanning, processing and completion of paper invoices. Images and data then are provided to electronic invoicing platform to allow for consolidated storage and reporting via an electronic invoicing portal. Data Dimensions already has partnerships with several of the leading electronic invoicing solutions providers, and is willing to integrate with any provider.



  • No need to maintain an in-house invoice processing staff and infrastructure
  • Automated processing of all invoices, regardless of how they are submitted
  • Gain the operational benefits of imaging and data capture without capital expense
  • No need to force suppliers to adopt electronic invoicing
  • Uploads to the electronic invoicing portal to provide consolidated image and data access