Data Capture


Data Dimensions utilizes state-of-the-art, high-speed, high-capacity document capture hardware and software to provide the best image quality in the industry with options for bi-tonal, color, and color form drop image generation. Our process incorporates double-feed detection, document de-skewing and image enhancement to ensure crystal-clear images, regardless of the paper type or color. Forms-recognition software automates document identification to reduce the number of manual up-front sorts required in our document preparation processes.


After scanning and document identification, documents are routed to sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) software that automatically extracts key data. OCR/ICR platforms are utilized for many standardized forms to facilitate data capture processing. We have extensive experience with all types of forms and documents. If a document is determined to be unreadable by OCR/ICR, an image is passed to an operator for total key entry from image, ensuring we capture the data you need no matter the manner of document presentment.




  • Superior data accuracy
  • Data standardization across form types
  • Reduced paper handling
  • Reduced administrative efforts
  • Avoid the cost of data capture hardware, software or maintenance
  • Redirect IT support infrastructure
  • Increased efficiency
  • End-to-end process ownership
  • Exposure to industry’s latest technology

Six Sigma

Data Dimensions’ proprietary quality assurance programs incorporate Six Sigma statistically valid random sampling methodologies. Our process improvement area is led by a Six Sigma black belt who establishes quality assurance parameters for each project. Our quality assurance analysts review all form data captured, assuring optimal data accuracy delivery to our clients and continuous feedback into our operations and systems.


Tier III Data Center

Data Dimensions’ owned-and-operated, centralized Tier III data center provides the ability to share capture processing among our processing locations through a Citrix deployment environment. This allows for centralized storage and access of your data in a safe, secure data center. We are uniquely positioned in the industry to provide domestic-only processing with our in-house data capture and an extensive home workforce along with offshore partner operations. Data Dimensions works with you, our client partner, to develop the best and most effective combination of capture options to facilitate timely, cost-effective processing specifically tailored to your documents.