Dental X-ray Imaging

Improved accuracy and turnaround. Enhanced patient and provider satisfaction.

Inaccurate or poor quality dental X-ray processing results in pends, appeals and re-files, all of which significantly delay adjudication. Data Dimensions uses advanced imaging equipment and unique X-ray selection processes to deliver clean, clear X-rays every time. Our services are proven to increase patient and provider satisfaction, accelerate turnaround and improve profitability.

Dentists frequently submit X-rays that are not required for payment processing. By using a sophisticated selection process based on procedure codes, Data Dimensions reduces the number of unnecessary X-rays imaged, lowering your costs and storage requirements.

Data Dimensions Dental X-Ray Processing offers a ‘risk-free changeover’ that can save millions

…We are very happy to have chosen to use Data Dimensions for our project to convert dental X-rays into digital files. We were skeptical of the ultimate results as most of our adjudicators were used to ‘feeling the paper,’ but the quality of the images and quick turnaround have made them converts,” and “The detailed transition plan was well executed and ensured a risk-free changeover… We believe this year we will save $2 million from this project.


– Major Leading U.S. Dental Payor

Benefits to outsourcing your dental X-ray image processing:

  • Expedited, selective X-ray imaging, allowing for greater profitability
  • Secure online access to records, giving you sharp images or X-rays and associated claims documents
  • HIPAA compliance and protection
  • Audit trails for real-time reviews and complete process transparency
  • Flexibility to customize our system to fit your needs
  • Leading-edge technology with no need to purchase any software