DD eBill Powered by Availity
Comprehensive bill processing.

DD eBill offers the most efficient path for electronic inbound bills and attachments in the Property & Casualty and Workers Compensation fields. Processed through a single entry point, DD eBill simplifies the sending and receiving of provider information to payers.


Rather than moving between completely different interfaces, providers and their staff are able to navigate within a single workflow that supports bill processing, payment/remit data formats and administrative functions. DD eBill delivers a consistent and multi-functional experience for providers and carriers alike. The end-to-end solution drives value by streamlining and enhancing bill submission, tracking, exception handling, payments/remits and more, offering immediate and measurable results.


DD eBill, powered by Availity, enables payers to deliver timely notifications with clear feedback on actionable errors or gaps that could trigger a claim error. DD eBill reduces the time it takes to process claims by eliminating incomplete bills, missing attachments and duplicate bill submissions while providing improved data input accuracy and clarity around claim errors. This results in a reduction in administrative costs throughout the bill process, from bill submission and payment along with impacting areas such as Exception Handling, Call Center support and Federal/State reporting. The ultimate benefit of DD eBill is improvement in the customer experience as a result of an end-to-end process designed to enhance the timeliness and accuracy associated with managing medical encounters.

Benefits of DD eBill Processing:

  • Intuitive interface and seamless integration of more than 600 practice management systems
  • Seamless connection from day one with over 900,000 providers who have daily experience submitting and/or receiving payments electronically
  • Timely notification of rules based feedback to proactively identify and correct errors, reducing bill processing time
  • Enhanced bill processing audit-ability and reporting by both the carrier and provider throughout the bill submission and payment continuum

With DD eBill, electronic medical bills and attachments are received from Data Dimensions’ medical bill processing front-end-solution, providers, billing services, clearinghouses, and other sources. They are then indexed and delivered to the payer in specified formats, via Data Dimensions’ DD BillPay solution. With DD eBill, Data Dimensions offers fully integrated front-end 837/275 electronic transaction functionality to complete the delivery of an innovative and proven end-to-end Medical Bill eProcessing solution.