Medical Bill Payment

DD BillPay Powered by ECHO
Flexible, proven results.


Today, many carriers and self-insured companies rely solely on print and mail to distribute payments and remittances. In the past, print and mail was the only option, but now DD BillPay from Data Dimensions provides a proven alternative that leverages both electronic and print/mail transactions to distribute payments and remittances. DD BillPay employs a sophisticated distribution engine that is constantly updated with payee information to ensure payment and remittance data is routed in the most effective manner.

DD BillPay, powered by ECHO Health, is a mature and proven medical bill payment solution that offers an automated decision tree, routing provider/commercial and individual payment/remittance data electronically or by traditional print and mail. The key to DD BillPay resides in our robust processing technology that utilizes every form of electronic transaction available today: Virtual Payments, EFT/835 and ACH/EOR PDF transactions to best distribute payment and remittance data.


For those transactions that cannot be sent electronically, DD BillPay supports the most efficient print and mail solution in the market. Using DD BillPay will help your company seamlessly take advantage of the many cost and compliance benefits associated with electronic commerce.


  • A comprehensive medical bill payment option that provides solutions for both client-defined and/or single-use bank accounts
  • The ability to save time, money and effort in managing a fully electronic payment/remittance distribution solution
  • Online management and tracking of payment transactions
  • A fully compliant electronic payment/remittance solution that reduces fraud and waste
  • Complete 1099 management including: IRS name validation, B Notice filings, call center support for provider inquiries, and processing of provider name and address corrections
  • A proven, safe, audit-able and timely delivery alternative to the traditional, high-cost “snail mail” solution

DD BillPay works with any current banking relationship. In addition, DD BillPay provides a flexible means of paying a payee because payment tables can be modified at the payee level to make a payment based on business rules that override the DD BillPay engine. If there is a desire to maintain your existing print/mail relationship, DD BillPay generates a print file for your printing partner and supports all of your print and mail needs.