Provider Portal

Powered by Availity

The Provider Engagement Portal offered through Data Dimensions is a secure, multi-payer platform that serves as an entry point for providers who need secure access to their payers regarding clinical and administrative transactions. Using consistent and intuitive workflows, providers can conduct eligibility and benefits inquiries, real-time authorizations and referrals, claim status inquiries, and more.

woman working on provider portal

The Provider Engagement Portal powered by Availity and offered through Data Dimensions is a multi-payer platform that serves as an entry point for providers who require access to their payers and information about transactions. Through the use of intuitive workflows, providers are able to:

  • Conduct eligibility and benefits inquires
  • Make real-time authorization and referrals
  • Check on claim status updates … and more.

These features allow an organization to reduce – or even eliminate – the need for expensive and complex call center resources, allowing providers to access information through the portal itself, resulting in lower costs, higher accuracy and increased security.

The Availity-powered platform connects providers with every health plan nationwide, including more than 1 million active providers, 2,700 hospitals and 675 vendor partners. It also offers:

  • Connectivity with over 1.2 million active providers and every health plan
  • Notifications, in-app messaging and alerts improve communication with providers and plans
  • Excellent provider data management for most accurate provider information
  • Operational savings from reduced rework associated with pended, denied, or contested claims
  • Claim payment savings by avoiding overpayments caused by duplicate claims, duplicate lines, or overstated levels of care
  • Customized Payer Spaces for branded, plan-specific content
  • Streamlines transactions to multiple payers from one login
  • When partnered with our medical bills processing and medical claims processing, you greatly reduce the need for paper-based claims