Remittance Processing

Remittance for Dimensions360 ECM


Data Dimensions makes it easier than ever for corporate billers to automate their remittance processing.


Dimensions360 Remittance is a workflow-driven solution that enables billers to easily digitize and process mailed-in checks and remittance documents at their own offices and electronically transmit deposits via Check 21 to any financial institution.


With Dimensions360® Remittance, billers no longer have to manually process mailed-in payments, make time-consuming trips to the bank, maintain multiple banking relationships for far-flung office locations, or put customers on hold to search for payment information. And depositing payments electronically via Check 21 accelerates funds availability by at least one day compared to manual processing.

The solution is ideal for billers such as insurers, utilities, governments, non-profits and more.

Dimensions360 Remittance processes business and personal checks, as well as all types of remittance transactions, including: a single check and remittance stub, a single check and multiple remittance stubs, check-only transactions, and check and list transactions.

Dimensions360 Remittance can be deployed on-premise or delivered via the cloud. The solution includes labor-savings features such as optical character recognition for reading data from remittance stubs, courtesy and legal amount recognition for reducing manual amount entry, and automated capture of the MICR data on checks. Dimensions360 includes an archive that securely stores transaction images and related data, and enables the instant retrieval of information based on key criteria.

What’s more, Dimensions360 Remittance automatically consolidates data from multiple sites and deposit accounts, and generates and uploads a file for posting into any CIS or accounts receivable system.

Key benefits:

  • ROI in as little as six months
  • Faster transaction processing
  • One day or better improvement in funds availability
  • Lower bank deposit fees
  • Reduced manual keying of check and remittance data
  • Instant access to archived payment information
  • Improved returned check handling
  • No more trips to the bank to make deposits

Key features:

  • On-premise deployment or Cloud-based delivery
  • Automatic capture of all required data fields
  • Workflow-driven architecture
  • Real-time tracking of documents and actions
  • Electronic deposit via Check 21
  • Image and data archive and retrieval