Should e-invoicing by the Federal Government be mandatory?

Should e-invoicing by the Federal Government be mandatory?

With the government constantly seeking ways to cut costs and save taxpayers money, Bob Solomon, CEO of Software Platform Consulting, has a bold idea he says could benefit the U.S. government, the American taxpayers and the companies who do business with both.

In a blog post on, Solomon says the Federal Government should “phase in a requirement that all entities that do business with it should have to submit and electronic invoice to get paid.” What’s more, he suggests they should be paid electronically as well, though he admits this is a separate issue. The benefits of such a plan, Solomon says, are numerous:

  • Money would be saved by reducing use of mailrooms, paper, envelopes, invoices, postage and other resources.
  • Such a requirement could “move the private sector faster to electronic invoicing.”
  • Fraud and lost taxes would be reduced
  • Analysis of spending would be easier with the process being more transparent and open to investigation.
  • The reduction in the use of paper would conserve natural resources

Solomon says “I realize there are lots of details to work out,” including timing and technology, but he says the plan should have bi-partisan support and urges those who agree to contact their representatives to get things moving.

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