Simple, efficient payment solution is what you need

Simple, efficient payment solution is what you need
The key to a successful, efficient, reliable bill payment solution is often simplicity. The elements of submitting, tracking and receiving payments can be complex, to say the least, but the process itself should be one that providers and staff can navigate within a single workflow, a workflow that supports every part of the continuum, including bill processing, payment/remit data formats and various administrative functions.


What’s needed is a solution that allows timely notifications with easy-to-understand feedback on problems or errors that could, if left unaddressed, trigger a costly claim error. The right system would streamline a company’s payment-related processes, reducing the time for claims processing by eliminating the issues of incomplete bills, missing attachments and duplicate submissions. At the same time, this system would improve the accuracy of data input and the clarity related to claim errors.


The ideal solution is an electronic bill payment process that includes, among other elements, an efficient system of converting paper bills to electronic versions, an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Advanced Claims Editing (ACE) and a flexible payment platform. Such a solution offers seamless integration with hundreds of practice management systems and thousands of providers – all from Day One.


This system would do more than just streamline an organization’s bill payment processes and reduce errors. It would also lower administrative costs throughout the bill payment continuum, from bill submission and payment as well as exception handling, call center support and Federal/State reporting. But beyond all that, the major benefit of such a simplified, efficient electronic payment process would be felt by clients, whose experience with the organization would be greatly improved by the increased timeliness, accuracy and security that would result.

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