Stay competitive by outsourcing prescription processing

Stay competitive by outsourcing prescription processing
As the market for prescription services becomes both more competitive and more technologically advanced, pharmacies, health providers and other organizations in the field must develop strategies to deal with the trends experts predict will impact the industry in important ways.

These include:

  • Increasingly competitive pricing, meaning pharmacies must accept decreasing reimbursement rates
  • The increasing need to improve efficiency through technology to improve quality and provide additional services
  • The need to improve the coordination of patient care to remain competitive

These developments in the pharmaceutical and health-related industries can increase expenses, cut into profits and force your organization’s employees to focus on matters other than your core competencies. The solution? Outsource your organization’s prescription processing to a reliable, experience provider that offers advanced technology and decades of proven service. Prescription order entry (for new and or refill prescriptions), prescription claims processing and medical administration record (MAR) entry can all be handled by a such a provider.


Among the benefits:

  • An efficient solution that offers flexibility for your specific needs
  • Increased compliance with HIPAA and other government and organizational mandates
  • Six Sigma methodologies
  • Streamlined processing, resulting in reduced costs, faster turnaround times and the potential for increased revenues
  • Relief from routing duties
  • Remote processing that also offers full auditing and reporting

What’s more, your organization will benefit from the security that comes with redundancy for complete disaster recovery and business continuity. A reliable provider of prescription processing services can do more than ensure you remain competitive in the years to come — it can improve the way you do business.

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