Streamline your operation with electronic bill processing solution

Streamline your operation with electronic bill processing solution
If your organization is seeking a way to streamline its bill processing and avoid the complications and costs associated with paper bills, consider an electronic bill processing solution.


E-bill processing delivers a consistent and multi-functional experience for both providers and carriers. It’s an end-to-end solution that drives value by streamlining and enhancing bill submission, tracking, exception handling, payments/remittance and more, offering immediate and measurable results.


Here’s how it works:


Electronical medical bills and attachments are received from the medical bill processing front-end solution, providers, billing services, clearinghouses and other sources. Those bills and attachments are then indexed and delivered to the payer in specified formats.


Among the benefits of electronic bill payment:

  • Intuitive interface and seamless integration of practice management systems
  • Seamless connection from Day One with thousands of providers who have daily experience submitting and/or receiving electronic payments
  • Timely notification of rules-based feedback to proactively identify and correct errors, which helps reduce the processing time of bills
  • Improved bill processing auditability and reporting by both the carrier and provider throughout the bill-submission and payment continuum





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