Bill payment solution must cover all the issues

Bill payment solution must cover all the issues
The challenges associated with bill payment often involve the high costs and time-consuming processes of manual payments. Converting paper to electronic payments will help streamline your operation, saving time and money, but that’s only part of the solution your organization needs to implement.


The best solution for your company’s bill payment issues is an all-encompassing payment platform that includes an automated decision tree with routes payments and remittance data electronically while, at the same time, leveraging a powerful network of providers who accept electronic payments.


Among the benefits of such a solution:

  • The ability to streamline payment and remittance data through a single course
  • The financial benefits that come with virtual card and other cost-saving electronic payment options
  • The ability to manage and track your organization’s payment transactions through a web portal
  • The ability to realize immediate cost savings by achieving 70 percent or more electronic adoption from the first day the solution is implemented
  • New ease in meeting complete and instant compliance for state, jurisdictional and federal regulations

If you’d like to have your organization implement an electronic bill payment solution that offers the advantages that come with virtual payments, EFT/835 and ACH/EOR PDF transactions, be sure you choose a reliable, established payment provider that has the technology, experience and ability to help your company stay competitive in this ever-changing marketplace.

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