Take a look at market forces that are shaping ECM

Take a look at market forces that are shaping ECM

A number of forces have shaped the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market over the past few years, and changes in technology are going to have an even greater effect in the coming decade.

A recent article at Content Management Solutions Review outlines some of the major market trends to watch to ensure that your company makes the most of the changes to come:

  1. Increased remote access: Current Enterprise Content Management solutions will need to offer easy-to-use mobile aps that will allow smartphone and tablet users to access information while on the go or in areas that experience limited connectivity. Whether your business involves medical claims, medical bills, workers compensation, accounts payable or other business processes, the distribution of the information you deal in is going to get increasingly mobile. In fact, a forecast by the International Data Corporation predicts that the mobile worker population in the United States will grow steadily over the next five years, going from 96.2 million in 2015 to 105.4 million mobile workers by 2020. By the end of that period, IDC predicts that mobile workers will account for nearly three-fourths (73.2 percent) of the total U.S. workforce.
  2. Cloud-based computing: As most organizations rely increasingly on cloud-based storage, moving to a cloud-based ECM solution is the natural path of evolution for business. Such a solution will result in reduced costs, more flexible capacity management, lower overheard and better information management. Forrester Data says “The accelerating move to cloud to create, store and share business content has compelled vendors to make investments in newer architectures.”
  3. Redundancy of storage systems: Backup frequency and storage methods are necessary elements of information reliability and disaster recovery. Restoring large volumes of data that was stored on tape can take a prohibitively long time, but the use of multiple, fully redundant storage systems that mirror all data can protect against accidents, malware and other threats. Whether the company’s ECM in implemented in-house or outsourced to a reliable provider, such redundancy will add levels of security that will only become more necessary in the years to come.

Developing a new ECM solution that will position your company for the technological growth and changes to come can be a complicated – but necessary – process. A more efficient answer could be outsourcing your business’ ECM needs to a company with experience in the field, one that is able to keep an eye on trends and work with the innovations and changes that are always part of the data industry.

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