Tech advances will continue to change BPO industry in 2016

Tech advances will continue to change BPO industry in 2016

An article at makes the point that without the IT revolution and its high-speed internet and remote networking, business process outsourcing (BPO) would have been virtually impossible. And just as advances in technology made BPO feasible and cost-effective, further advances will change the BPO industry in dramatic ways:

Growth of cloud computing: Cloud computing will allow BPO outsourcing firms to increase the number of employees who work from home while still maintaining real-time sharing of data, information and software services. Having more employees working remotely will reduce costs and increase efficiency.

More flexible contracts: With technological advancements changing BPO at a rapid pace, companies will seek out shorter, more flexible contracts with their outsourcing providers as they are on the lookout for new ways to streamline their operations and increase profits.

The switch to mobile services:  With increased broadband availability, outsourcing firms can offer mobile-centric services to their customers. What’s more, they can rely on mobile devices for their own workers, cutting costs and offering a more versatile working environment.

Multi-channel services: As more customers rely on multiple channels to deal with service providers, BPO outsourcing firms will have to expand the ways in which they offer their services. Technological advances have led to increasing adoption of various forms of social media to connect with providers, and BPO firms will have to adapt to these changes or risk losing customers.

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