Workflow automation means more than just mobility

Workflow automation means more than just mobility
What lies ahead for workflow automation in the coming year? According to a column by Nathanial Palmer at, it might be developments that reflect the past.

Standing in contrast to other industry predictions, Palmer says the future of workflow automation (or, as he refers to it, business process management) is not strictly mobile, despite the constant and dramatic development of mobile technology. Instead, Palmer says though most companies currently have a mobile strategy, most have missed the point of what matters to their clients: It’s not the mobile access, it’s “the promise of (and expectation for) instant gratification. If you cannot provide that, I will quickly find someone else who can.”

Palmer isn’t saying that mobile devices and technology won’t play an important part in workflow automation, whether that process involves claims processing, bill processing, prescription processing or the larger field of enterprise content management. What he is saying is that workflow automation looks like the same investments in industrial automation that have taken place over the last several decades, but designed for “optimal efficiency and consistency.” It’s not the mobility that’s crucial, it’s what that mobility means for the client. It’s not just the delivery system, it’s what’s being delivered.

That means companies who provide workplace automation need to first focus on the services and solutions – data capture, check processing, explanation of benefits, claims and bill payment – and then fit those processes into a workable, leading-edge method of delivering the results to their clients. Conversely, clients in the market for workflow services, whether they involve workers compensation, insurance or other industries, need to look past solutions that merely echo current trends and look for something that genuinely fits their needs, offering a reliable, secure, efficient answer to their workflow issues.

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